Nike often refers to:

Nike often refers to:

Nike (mythology), a Greek goddess who personifies victory

Nike, Inc., a major American marketer of athletic shoes, apparel, and sports equipmentNike may also refer to:


Nike (name), a surname and feminine given name

Nike, daughter of Shahrbaraz

Arts, entertainment, and media

Nike Award, a Polish language literature prize

Nike of Samothrace, an ancient statue of the goddess Nike

"Nikes" (song), by Frank Ocean from the album Blonde (2016)


Project Nike, a US Army missile project

MIM-14 Nike-Hercules, a solid fuel propelled surface-to-air missile

Nike (rocket stage)

Various US sounding rockets named after the upper stage used, including:

Nike Apache




Nike Hawk

Nike Hydac

Nike Iroquois

Nike Javelin

Nike Malemute

Nike Nike

Nike Orion

Nike Recruit

Nike T40 T55

Nike Tomahawk

Nike Viper

Other uses

Nike (horse), an 18th-century British Thoroughbred racehorse

Nike (Thrace), a town of ancient Thrace

307 Nike, a large asteroid in the main belt

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